MLB Teams That Could Surprise Us In 2017

MLB Teams That Could Surprise Us In 2017 
There are many MLB teams that might surprise us this year because of the changes that they are making to their teams and the way they are playing now with new team members and managers. I never would have guessed ahead of time that the Cubs would win the 2016 World Series, after 108 years without a win, and this year is going to be just as surprising. Here are a few of the teams that have some real potential for 2017.

The Atlanta Braves
The past three seasons have been very hard on the Atlanta Braves, but they might surprise us this year. They have a new manager, and that might make all of the difference for them. The manager was around for a bit of the season last year and he did a good job with the team while he was there.

The Colorado Rockies
Another team that could surprise is the Rockies. They have some tough competition where they are at in the country, but they just might break through the competition and surprise everyone thanks to one key player. They have Nolan Arenado on their side, and he is a third baseman who is catching all of the headlines, and they also have many more people on their team who are destined to do good.

The Tampa Bay Rays
This team has seen many loses in recent years, but this year could be different for them. They have a good starting lineup going on this year, and they also have strong players overall. They aren’t a shocking team, but they just might be put together well enough to start winning again.

The Minnesota Twins
This team had a really rough season in 2016. Their fans were disappointed by that, but everyone in baseball is going to take notice of them in 2017. They are going to surprise the world because of Brian Dozier and all that that man can do.

The Seattle Mariners
The reason the Mariners might surprise this year? They have one of the best starting rotations in all of baseball. And since that is an important aspect of every team there is no reason why they shouldn’t do well. They aren’t a team that we have heard a lot from recently, but that could all change as we get started with the 2017 season.

Every season of baseball is so different and there are breakout stars from each team every year. But this year I believe these teams could surprise us all. I think that this year could be the most shocking one yet because of all that these teams have to offer. The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series and shocked the world, and now it is time for another team to do the same. Any one of the five above teams has the potential to take it all the way to the World Series, and it will be interesting to see how each of those teams does as we get into the MLB season.