The Highest Paid Coaches in the NBA

The NBA has some exceptional coaches that assist in leading many teams to victories. In addition, you can not argue that the NBA coaches are in fact paid very well for what they do. Making millions per year for coaching an NBA team is a pretty nice way in which to make a living.

Greg Popovich is the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs. In addition, Popovich is also the head of the National Basketball Association. Greg popovich assumed the title as coach for the San Antonio Spurs in 1996.

Since Popovich took over as coach for the Spurs the team had 19 consecutive winning seasons. In addition, as the head coach Popovich has won five (5) NBA Championships. Greg Popovich has also won 1,000 NBA games since becoming a coach. Popovich is compensated very nicely for his coaching abilities. Presently, Popovich is making a salary of 11 million dollars annualy. The 11 million dollar salary makes Popovich one of the highest paid coaches within the NBA.

Michael D’Antoni was formally a basketabll player turned coach. D-Antoni is currently the coach of the Houston Rockets. In addition, D’Antoni won NBA coach of the year in 2004-2005. D-Antoni has coached several NBA teams throughout his career. In 2016 Michael D’Antoni was named head coach for the Houston Rockets.

Michael D’antoni is considered another very highly paid coach within the NBA. D’Antoni signed a four year contract that will guarantee him a salary totaling 16 million dollars. A salary of 16 million dollars is an exceptional amount of money for any NBA coach. D’Antoni has worked hard which lead his NBA team to many stunning victories.

Nate Mc Millian is another skilled and well paid NBA coach. Mc Millian is currently the head coach for the Indiana Pacers. Mc Millian was originally hired as an assistant coach for the Pacers. In 2016, Mc Millian became head coach after Frank Vogel’s contract expired. Nate Mc Millian cuurrently earns 4 million dollars per year in salary. Therefore, you could say that Nate Mc Millian is paid handsomely for his contribution to the NBA.

Luke Walton is currently the head coach for the LA Lakers Basketball team. Walton played for 10 seasons in the NBA before becoming coach. In April 2016 Walton was hired as the new coach for the LA Lakers. That same year Walton was also voted NBA coach of the year. NBA coach of the year is quite an honor in itself. Walton is considered one of the highest paid coaches within the NBA earning 6 million dollars per year. Of course the salary is expected to increase the longer Walton remains the acting coach for the LA Lakers.

Doc Rivers is a former NBA player and present coach of the LA Clippers. Doc Rivers currently stands to earn $50 million dollars over a five year period. Therefore, without a doubt Rivers is one of the highest paid NBA coaches at the present time. Rivers had many years as a successful basketball player before becoming coach. A salary of $50 million dollars over 5 years is certainly an exceptional salary for any NBA coach.

NBA players and coaches are paid very well. However, coaches appear to be making big time money like never before. Usually salaries are negotiated and sometimes they are simply offered. There are several factors which go into determining the salary of an NBA coach. Experience and popularity do play a role in determining a coaches salary. Many have debated over the years wether or not the high salaries that sports figures are paid are really justified.